OSCE Leaders against Intolerance and Violent Extremism (LIVE)

LIVE Module 2, The Hague, Netherlands © Onnik James Krikorian 2017
Things have been a bit quiet on this blog for quite a few months and not least because since last December I’ve been on contract as an external consultant for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Transnational Threats Department / Action against Terrorism Unit (ATU). The project has been to draw up a training program that will eventually be rolled out across the OSCE-wide region to equip youth leaders in member states with the tools and skills necessary to prevent and counter violent extremism. The project touches upon all forms of violent extremism including that by the far right – not just ISIL/Da’esh.

My sessions on media and communications, for example, include alternative and counter narratives, media literacy, and social media outreach, and it’s been a great pleasure to work with an excellent team made up of some very committed individuals from the OSCE, ConnectFutures, Human Security Collective, and Frontline Defenders. Participants for the two modules we’ve already held in Vienna and The Hague have been from the Austria, the Balkans, and Central Asia. We’re on track to finish the whole project, Leaders against Intolerance and Violent Extremism (LIVE)), in July and I’ll update with more details when that happens. Until then, be sure to follow the OSCE’s United CVE initiative at #UnitedCVE.

On Central Asia and Preventing Violent Extremism and Radicalisation that Lead to Terrorism (PVERLT), there’s also my posts from other work for the OSCE in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Would dearly love to return and the same is true for the Balkans. Unfortunately, didn’t have time to blog about the OSCE meeting in Sarajevo last year. Also see my post on media freedom and responsibilities in the context of counter-terrorism policies here.

LIVE Module 2, The Hague, Netherlands © Onnik James Krikorian 2017

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