Unlikely Neighbours: Ethnic Armenian-Azeri Coexistence in Georgia

Ethnic Armenian and Azeri children gather for a six-year-old’s birthday in Tsopi. On the table rest different types of food such as dolma, meat wrapped in grape leaves or stuffed into other vegetables. While many Armenians and Azerbaijanis engage in bitter debates about what food or music belongs to each nation, the children simply enjoy them. “Dolma yeyənindi, Sarı Gəlin oxuyanındı,” wrote Azerbaijan writer Ağarəhim (Dolma belongs to those that eat it. Sari Gelin (a song) to those that sing it.)

With peace still looking elusive, and all signs pointing to the possibility of renewed fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed territory of Nagorno Karabakh, Stratfor recently published my photo story on ethnic Armenian-Azeri coexistence in Georgia. Offering a much needed alternative narrative on relations between the two ethnic groups, it’s a topic I’ve covered continuously since 2009 for BBC Azeri, RFE/RL, and others.

The photo story with accompany text can be found at here.

Coincidentally, I also produced a series of video reports on the same topic for Meydan TV recently as well. That can be viewed in English and Azerbaijani.

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