4mAfter being invited to speak by Canal France International (CFI) at their 4M Journalism and Social Media conference in Montpellier, France, in June 2013, Onnik James Krikorian was approached to become part of the team organising their equivalent event for the South Caucasus held in Tbilisi, Georgia, on 14-15 November. It also included a Media Neighbourhood Networking event held on 13 November by the ENPI consortium led by BBC Media in Action.

Entitled Social Media: New Territories for Journalism and The Internet and Online Media: New practices, New Tools, Onnik James Krikorian was contracted by CFI to draw up the three day programme and the speaker/participant list. Using his extensive network of professional links in the South Caucasus region, 100 media professionals and citizen journalism specialists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and France were invited to take part in the events.

Focusing on the latest developments in the region, as well as the problems facing the online media, the 4M Journalism and Social Media conference was a huge success. It also featured specific panels and workshops on economic models for media sustainability, investigative journalism, media ethics, online security, data journalism and visualisation, and conflict reporting. Live streaming reaching an additional 4,000 people from 23 different countries. More information on the 4M Journalism and Social Media conference can be found here. There are also photographs from the event on the blog.